June 17-18 2004
Wrigley Marine Science Center
Catalina Island, California

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Work Plan

The workshop will be organized as follows. The organizing committee will contact researchers who are currently active in tsunami and long wave research about their interest in the workshop. The organizing committee will invite an active researcher to prepare an in-depth review on each topic listed in the objectives section. These invited authors will present their papers and preside the discussion sections on the respective subject during the workshop. The discussions will center on several benchmark problems designed specifically for each topic. The descriptions of these benchmark problems including analytical solutions, laboratory experiments and field data are discussed in a later section.

Among the interested researchers the organizing committee will invite approximately twelve formal discussers for the benchmark problems, which are posted in the benchmark problems section. With this setup, every researcher can participate actively in the workshop discussion with his/her results in hand. Each researcher can choose one or two benchmark problems. Sufficient information for each benchmark problem together with limited measurements or analytical solutions at predetermined locations will be provided for the researcher. Using the given data, the participants are required to present their solutions at additional predetermined locations with a specified format; such experimental data or analytical solutions are available but not given to the participants a priori. In some cases, additional analyses are required and the procedures as well as results will be part of workshop discussions.

Approximately two months prior to the workshop, each invited speaker will submit a completed review article on the assigned topic. These articles will be made available on the Web site prior to the meeting. The invited discussers are also required to submit their discussions three weeks before the workshop. Those who submitted the written presentation will become formal discussers for the session. The written presentations will be compiled and distributed to all the participants two weeks prior to the workshop through e-mail and will also be posted on the Web site. With this format, all the information concerning the benchmark problems and model testing results are available to every participants before the workshop, hence most of the workshop time will be spent on discussions.

After the workshop, the formal presenters can modify their manuscripts based on the discussions. The final manuscripts of their review articles (perhaps cooperated with the discussers if any) will be published in a book form under the editorship of the organizing committee.

Background / Benchmark Problems / Contact Information (orddganizing committee)
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