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COULWAVE: Cornell University Long and Intermediate Wave Modeling Package

Type of Model: A phase-resolving, Boussinesq-type wave model used for the simulation of weakly dispersive and highly nonlinear free surface disturbances such as wind waves and tsunamis.
First Released: March 01, 2008
COULWAVE is a free surface wave model. It solves various depth-integrated, long-wave based equation models, including the nonlinear shallow water wave equations and a number of the weakly dispersive Boussinesq-type equations. The primary applications for COULWAVE include landslide tsunami generation and propagation, nearshore tsunami evolution and inundation, and nearshore wind wave modeling. The numerical scheme uses a 4th order finite difference scheme for the spatial derivatives, and a 4th order iterative predictor-corrector scheme for the time integration.
COULWAVE incorporates the following features:
The main features of this code center on its ability to simulate large domains (10's of million of grid points)
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