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Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please download the "Benchmark Criteria Survey" spreadsheet, add your information, and e-mail it to Professor Jody Bourgeois. Thank you.
The following is the Benchmark Criteria Survey in html format.


Your name and are you referring to a specific kind of model? Which one?  
priority of criterion
  high medium low Comments
minimal variation in alongshore bathymetry & topography        
good topography, not just profile, beyond profile        
good bathymetry, merged with topography        
bathymetry out to where contours are parallel to coast        
depth values [every 5 m] out to 50 m depth        
is there a reef or other offshore structure?        
vertical grading studied/sampled - vertical resolution at 1/2 cm        
horizontal grading, sampling - about every 30-50 m        
preferably cs sand and finer; no strange clasts        
grain size analysis interval at least 1/4 phi        
characterization of sediment source materials        
characterize variation in internal stratigraphy        
sediment thickness distribution; evidence of internal erosion        
deposit field descriptions [peels, photos-not only!!!]        
e.g., evidence of erosion, intraclasts, other clasts, heavy mins        
sedimentary structures - peels help!!!!        
Site description-evidence of erosion        
[measured] tsunami water depths onshore with error bars        
1-D flow preferred for simple start; working toward 2-D        
sediment limit; inundation limit        
evidence of velocities        
flow directions - indicators in sediment preferred [not surface]        
uniform vegetation, simple        
pre-tsunami and post-tsunami vegetation noted - height, density, diameter        
known or low tidal variation - water level known in case study        
no post-tsunami modification        
known wave form [tide gage data?]        
other profiles along the coast with topography and sediment limit        
simple wave        
simple deposit        
tsunami source studied/known