Submitting your benchmark results

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Submitting your benchmark results

Postby pancake on Mon Jul 06, 2009 11:22 am

[Those of you who will be presenting your results at the workshop have already received this information.]

The physical results from benchmark #1 are on the website, but the tests for #2 are being run this week, just prior to the workshop.

First, please do the following FOR #2 RESULTS ONLY:

step 1) format your results in four ASCII text files as described on ... ormat.html

step 2) submit your results using the upload form available at Presenters are required to submit their results no later than Monday evening, July 6. We encourage other people to submit by Wednesday, July 8 - since the comparison and discussion of results will take place on Friday, July 10 (8:30 AM Pacific Daylight time)

step 3) we will run an automatic script to compare your results with the physical tests. Presenters will automatically receive info about how their results compare. If you are not presenting and still wish to receive the comparison information, send an email to after you submit your results.

If you wish to participate remotely in the workshop, contact me ( for details.

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