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SPHysics: SPH Free-Surface Flow Solver

Type of Model: Open-Source Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Code
First Released: August 01, 2007
SPHysics is a Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) code written in fortran for the simulation of potentially violent free-surface hydrodynamics. For release version 1.0, the SPHysics code can simulate various phenomena including wave breaking, dam breaks, sloshing, sliding objects, wave impact on a structure, etc.
SPHysics incorporates the following features:
      2-D and 3-D versions
      Variable timestep
      Choice of two types of solid boundary condition:
            dynamic and repulsive force
      Periodic open boundary conditions
      Choice of:
            Artificial Viscosity
            Laminar Viscosity
            Sub-Particle Scale (SPS) Turbulence Model
      Different Types of Moving Objects (forced motion only)
            Moving Gate
            Sliding Wedge
      Visualization routines using Matlab or ParaView
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