ISEC - Organization

How We're Organized

ISEC has been structured to facilitate collaboration at different scales and intensities. There are currently three levels of participation.

General Membership: Anyone involved in research related to inundation phenomena is invited to join ISEC. Members have access to a variety of shared resources (models, data, information clearinghouses, educational materials) free of charge. They may also participate in any other activity levels.

Working Groups: ISEC members are encouraged to participate in working groups, which focus on specific topics related to inundation modeling (e.g., soil/landform interactions, model benchmarking, use/enhancement of particular models). Each working group has a discussion forum (bulletin board) whose contents may be read by anyone, although only ISEC members may post new messages.

Collaborative Research Projects: Part of ISEC's role is to provide shared filespaces, computing cycles on supercomputers, and collaboration tools for research projects involving collaborators from multiple institutions. Each such group has a discussion forum that is private to the project's members. To propose a collaborative research project, contact one of the PIs.