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Wind-Water Tunnels

DeFrees Hydraulics Laboratory, Cornell University
Name:      DeFrees Hydraulics Laboratory
Location:   Cornell University

There are three facilities: 1) 32x0.6x1 m wave tank with a piston-type wavemaker, 2) 15x2x0.64 m recirculating type open-channel flume to study shallow coastal waters, and 3) 20x1x0.8 m tilting wind-water tunnel for air-water interface experiments. The facilities are mainly used for research within the institution. The DeFrees Hydraulics Laboratory houses three major facilities for generic studies of water waves, wave/current interaction, and wind waves. A 32x0.6x1 m wave tank with a piston-type wavemaker can create periodic and irregular waves for study of wave/structure interaction and waves over rippled beds. The Wide Meandering Wave-Current Flume is a recirculating channel that is 15x2x0.64 m. The Tilting Wind-Water Tunnel is also a recirculating basin, 20x1x0.8 m.

Contact:     Todd Cowen, eac20@cornell.edu
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Basins and Flumes

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