ISEC Community Workshop:
Simulation & Large-Scale Testing of Nearshore Wave Dynamics
July 8-10, 2009 - Corvallis, Oregon

Participating Remotely

We welcome the ISEC community to participate virtually in the workshop sessions taking place in Oregon on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We will be using Adobe CONNECT to broadcast the sessions. Simply go to the website: and sign in as a guest, using your name.

You will need the Flash 8 player in order to see the slides and camera (it will prompt you to install it, if necessary, but that requires you to close the browser and restart it so you might want to do it ahead of time).

If you are planning on using this feature, please fill out the (very short) registration form so that we can contact you if there are any problems.

We will also make the presentations available on the ISEC website after the workshops, but CONNECT will allow you to view the presentations live, and to submit your comments or questions using the "chat" facility.

The sessions will be broadcast at the following times - all Pacific Daylight Time.

See the full agenda.